Citizen's Charter

This Charter sets out our commitment to provide a convenient, comfortable, regular, punctual, efficient, safe, reliable and people-friendly Licensing System benefiting the National Capital.
The aim is to establish an effective & active interface with the Licensee/Applicants to evaluate our performance against their expectations and take appropriate remedial measures to provide them the best possible service. The Licensees are at the focal point of this Charter and their maximum satisfaction is the main strategic thrust.
Licensing Unit of Delhi Police is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that deals with the licensing of – Arms, Explosives, Hotels, Restaurants, Cinema, Press, Auditoriums, Amusement Parks , Performance Licenses etc. The unit is headed by the Joint Commissioner of Police, assisted by DCsP, ACsP and Inspectors of Delhi Police. The significant theme of the Citizen’s Charter of Licensing Unit may thus be summarized as Ensuring Licensee-centric focus across all processes by adopting Total Quality Management principles thereby ensuring:-

  • Commitment and Participation.
  • Grievance Redress and Handling of Complaints and Communications.
  • Effective attention to customer requirements through appropriate communication strategies
  • Demonstrating Transparency and Openness of its services by hosting the Citizen’s Charter on the web site.

We are sure that all those involved in ensuring and enhancing the image of Licensing Unit as a good Corporate Citizen would co-operate by imbibing the spirit of this Charter and implementing it effectively.

  • High standards of service for our licensee/applicants.
  • Sustainable, excellence and transparency in formulation of policies dovetailing it with courtesy, promptness and reliability in its day-to-day functioning.

  • Grant of licenses/Registration Certificate as per the relevant Acts & Rules.
  • “Courtesy” to the Licensee is watchword of the department and is brought home through attitudinal shift amongst employees, boosting their morale and introducing element of self pride.

The culture of Licensing unit has been to achieve maximum customer satisfaction level by making infrastructural and procedural improvements based on public feedback while maintaining the requisite control through the powers of licensing conferred upon the Commissioner of Police by the Delhi Police Act, 1978 for the purpose of preservation and maintenance of public order.
We have air-conditioned public lounges thus ensuring transparent and convenient public dealing for all the licensing work.
Newly built reception hall facilitates the public regarding enquiries about licensing procedures as well as the availability of application forms/affidavits etc.
License renewal reminders are sent through SMS as well as speed post.
All the licensing procedures, prescribed forms, affidavits regarding grant/ renewal of Arms, Explosives, Hotels, Eating Houses, Cinemas, Public Amusement, Press have been made available for public on our website
People friendly “District licensing counters” have been established at all district police headquarters keeping in mind the convenience of general public.

The department’s endeavor is to dispose off the applications in a time bound manner. A schedule has been finalized for the following activities subject to fulfillment of prescribed documentary/ statutory requirements by the applicant under “The Delhi (Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services) Act-2011.

1. Issue of Registration Certificate for Eating Houses Situated in Delhi – 55 days
On receipt of the duly complete application form, it would be sent to the local police for verification and area suitability report within 3 days, a time frame of 40 days has been given to the local police for sending their report. On receipt of the local police verification report and after seeking clarifications and conducting further verifications, if any, application would be disposed off within 12 days.

2. Issue of Performance Licenses in Licensed premises – in 24 hours

3.Title verification for publication of Magazines, Newspapers, journals etc. - 60 days.
On receipt of the duly complete (title verification form) it would be sent to the RNI for title verification & local police for verification report within 5 days, a time frame of 40 days has been given to the local police for sending this report, on receipt of the local police verification report, title verification letter from the RNI and after seeking clarifications and conducting further verifications, if any, the title verification request would be disposed off within 15 days.

4.Application regarding issue of Video Game Parlor License would be disposed off in 55 days.
Applicant fills the form and submits the same along with required documents to the Dealing Hand at Licensing counter of Licensing Unit or Distt. Police. Video Game Parlor license is issued after receipt of MCD Trade License & depositing the required fees.
The above schedule is applicable on those applications which are complete in all regard and are submitted along with all the requisite documents and prescribed fee, if any.
The e-Monitoring of Service Level Agreement (e-SLA) as mentioned above can be done by the applicant through the unique reference number given to his application at the time of submission on the e-SLA website of Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

If you have any grievance about any of the services, you may meet in person the concerned ACsP, DCsP, Joint CP/Licensing who sit in the same premises. Their contact numbers are:-

Name of the Officer Phone No.
B. Shanker Jaiswal, IPS
Joint Commissioner of Police, Licensing
Ms Bisma Qazi, IPS
Dy. Commissioner of Police, Licensing
Sh. Amreek Raj Birdi
Assistant Commissioner of Police

You can also send your valuable feedback and comments on our website Suggestion/complaint can also be made at both the public lounges in our premises.

Licensing unit is steadfastly committed to improve its service. This is an ongoing process in an attempt to extend maximum convenience by way of professional handling

Competent Officer under e-SLA project Appellate Authority under e-SLA project
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Licensing Deputy Commissioner of Police, Licensing
TEL. /FAX : 26262259 Tel./FAX : 26262273
E-mail : dcp-license[at]delpol[dot]nic[dot]in

Office of the Joint Commissioner of Police,
Licensing Unit,
1st Floor, Police Station Defence Colony,
New Delhi-110049