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Any person desiring to run a Video Game Parlor shop shall apply for a license to the Licensing Unit. The license for a Video Game Parlour is granted under the “Regulations for Licensing and Controlling Places of Public Amusement (Other than Cinemas) and Performances of Public Amusement (Amendment ) 1991.

Step 1

The following documents are to be submitted for grant of Video Game Parlour License

Documents required

1 Application on prescribed form for the grant of No Objection Certificate ( 04 sets) Click to Download
2 04 post card size photographs of Videogame parlour shop from different angles.
3 Site Plan approved by competent authority (4 sets). Site plan should show the size and location of the premises as well as the Video Game machines. This site plan drawn to scale should also indicate the surrounding roads and building which exist upto a distance of 75 meters of the proposed site , school , hospital or place of worship , Petrol Pump , and also the position of the overhead high tension cables shall be clearly indicated in the plan.
4 Proof of ownership – N.O.C from landlord, Rent Receipt, lease agreement, Photocopy of the power of attorney /registry.
5 03 passport size photographs of applicant duly attested by GO on the backside.
6 Residence proof of the applicant – Attested photocopy of the Electoral card, Ration card etc.
7 Affidavit by the applicant on non-judicial stamp with Rs.10 /- judicial stamp with Rs.5/- duly attested by Notary Public and self attested photographs Click to Download.

Step 2

1 Once these documents are obtained a notice on Form B Click to Download inviting objections is sent to the local police for pasting at a prominent place of the shop and making a D.D entry to that effect. Also report is solicited from the local police.
2 Reports are also obtained from the Chief Fire Officer.
3 Reports are also obtained from the Electrical Inspector.
4 Other inquiries as the licensing Unit may deem fit.

Step 3

Once all the N.O.C's are obtained the License to run a Premises as a Video Game Parlour is granted.

Renewal of License

The license once issued is valid for a period up to the 31st of December. At the time of renewal the following documents need to be submitted.

1 An Affidavit Click to Download is required to be submitted.
2 Once that Affidavit is submitted it is sent for verification to the local police.
3 On receiving the verification report the renewal is done on payment of appropriate fees.

Show Cause Notice

If the Licensee is found violating any of the conditions of the License or if the licensing authority is satisfied that the that the grant of such license is likely to cause obstruction, inconvenience, annoyance, risk or danger to the residents or passengers in the vicinity or in the opinion of the Licensing Authority the owner /manager/organizer is not a fit person or is likely to use the premises for anti-social , illegal activities or there is likelihood of the violations of the conditions of the license . In this situation the Licensing authority has the discretion to refuse to renew the license once a show cause notice to this effect has been given to the applicant /licensee. This notice shall be issued only after the due approval of the Additional C.P/Licensing.

If your VGP also provides Cyber café facility then as per orders passed by the Commissioner Of Police under section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code , 1973 the strict compliance of the following is to be done –

1 Prohibiting the use of Cyber Café by unknown persons whose identity has not been established by the owner of the café.
2 Maintaining a register for identity of the visitor/user.
3 Make an entry in the handwriting of the visitor /user mentioning name, address, telephone number and identity proof. The visitor/user shall also sign the register kept for the purpose.
4 The identity of the user shall be established through identity card, voter card, ration card, driving license, passport and photo identity card (any one of them).
5 The activity server log shall be preserved in the main server and its record shall be preserved for at least six months.
6 If any activity of the user is of suspicious nature the owner of the Cyber Café will immediately inform the police station; and
7 Record should be maintained about the specific computer used by the person.