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Any person desiring to maintain a swimming pool shall apply for a license to the licensing Unit.
The following documents are required to be submitted along with the application for the grant of swimming pool license under Union Territory of swimming pool licensing & Controlling Regulation 1980. The license is granted up to 31 December of the year and subsequently renewed each year up to December 31ist of the year.

Documents required for grant of License

1 Application on prescribed format (04 sets). Click to Download
2 04 post card size photographs of swimming pool from different angles.
3 Site Plan approved by competent authority. (4 sets)
4 Copy of proof of ownership of land/ lease agreement deed.
5 04 passport size photographs of applicant duly attested by a  G. O
6 Latest water test report from authorized laboratory.
7 Residence proof  of the applicant.
8 Affidavit Click to Download by the applicant on a  non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.100/-  with Rs.5/- judicial stamp duly attested by Notary Public and self attested photograph.Once the application form along with the documents is submitted letters are sent to various units for obtaining their no objection Certificate. The following N.O.C's are required for the grant of Swimming Pool license -

8.1 NOC from district Police from law & order point of view.
8.2 NOC from concerned traffic police from traffic point of view.
8.3 Health /Trade license from MCD/NDMC or DCB as per the location of the swimming pool.
8.4 Recommendation from the Sports Authority of India Coach.
8.5 Character Verification report of the individual from the concerned district police.
8.6 Once the following N.O.C‘s are obtained an inspection is done by the Licensing Unit and if all the safety and hygiene requirements are met the license is granted for a period of one year.


The licensee shall not keep the swimming pool after 12’ o clock midnight or open it before 5 ‘o clock in the morning, except with the special permission in writing from the Commissioner of Police.


For the renewal of swimming pool license individual shall apply at least one month before the expiry of the license and shall submit the following documents.

1 Recommendation from SAI Coach.
2 Latest water test report from authorized laboratory.
3 Health Trade License from MCD/NDMC/DCB for current year.
4 Affidavit Click to Download on the non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs. 100/- with Rs. 5/-judicial stamp self attested photograph

Since there is a delay in obtaining the Health Trade License the applicants for renewal are granted Provisional Renewal with the condition that Health Trade License shall be submitted by the 31 st of May. This provisional renewal is granted for the whole year subject however to submission of Health trade license and regular submission of water test reports by the licensee every month, any unreasonable delay in the latter is viewed adversely.


Regular inspections are carried out by the Licensing Unit during the swimming season. If the inspection reveals certain vital shortcomings then it is the discretion of the Licensing authority to issue a Show cause notice to the applicant. The reply to the show cause notice should be submitted within 15 days of receiving the notice. If a show cause notice is pending against a licensee it does not entitle the applicant to further renewal till the notice has been decided and decision taken to vacate the same.


The Commissioner of Police may, if he is satisfied after such inquiry as he thinks fit, that the licensee is not a suitable person for continuing to hold the license, or if the pool is not in a suitable condition, after giving the licensee an opportunity to render an explanation and after recording his reason refuse to renew his license.


Any person aggrieved with the decision of the Licensing Authority may appeal to the Lieutenant Governor within a period of 30 days of the communication of the order.