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Ram lila/Rawan Dahan/Dura puja/Melas etc. (Last date 31/08/2019)

Are you organising Ram lila/Rawan Dahan/Durga Puja/Mela etc., then you need a Performance License issued under the Regulations for Licensing and Controlling Places of Public Amusement (Other than Cinemas) and performances for public amusement, 1980.


In order to streamline things for organisers the Licensing Unit has simplified the procedure and made it in sync with the ground reality. The applicant can apply and upload the documents online. The Necessay Instructions/guidelines are mentioned below for filling the application form online

  1. Application will be processed between 1000 hrs and 1700 hrs (Monday to Friday) except Gazetted Holidays
  2. Read the following instructions before filling up the application form for grant of Casual Performance License
  3. (a) All fields are mandatory.
  4. (b) Please mention the correct e-mail ID and mobile phone number in the application form as updates/status regarding the grant of Casual Performance License will be communicated through e-mail and SMS.
  5. (c) Applicant will be contacted through email/SMS for further clarification/information if, required.
  6. Maximum file size for uploading the documents is 1 MB (per document) in PDF format.
  7. The application will be processed after receipt of reports from agencies viz. Local Police, Traffic Police, Delhi Fire Service, Civic Bodies, Electrical Safety Inspector, Department of Labour, GNCT of Delhi/Approved Electrical Contractor. Applicant will be informed about the outcome of his/her application by e-mail/SMS.
  8. Digitally signed License will be uploaded on the module, if granted. The applicant can download the licence by logging in on the poral with his/her user id and password after payment of the requisite fee.
  9. Electronic Fee Payment:-
  10. (a) Applicant will be directed to Axis Bank portal to pay the fee through the payment gateway.
  11. (b) Please keep your Debit/Credit Card details ready for smooth online payment.
  12. (c) Fee for Ticketed Event- Rs 20 Per day and for Non-Ticketed Event- Rs 15 Per day (subject to revision)
  13. Instructions/guidelines and procedure of Excise Department will be followed. if alcohal is proposed to be served.
  14. Application Form Click to Download
  15. Affidavit Click to Download

Once these documents are received the reports are called from the local police and traffic police on well defined objective criteria. If the local police and traffic police grant their N.O.C's then the applicant is granted a Conditional Performance License. This license is conditional on the applicant strictly abiding by the terms and conditions of the license which includes the submission of -

  1. Electrical Safety Undertaking Click to Download
  2. Fire Safety Undertaking Click to Download
  3. Clearance from Executive Engineer (Auto ) in case of joy rides

(This Performance License is simultaneously endorsed to the Chief Fire Officer, Electrical Inspector, Executive Engineer (Auto) and the Entertainment Tax Officer for necessary action and intimation.)

All these need to be submitted one week prior to the starting of the Mela.


Durga Puja/Dussehra/Deepavali---30 days before commencement

Remaining Casual Performance-- 15 days before commencement.