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To obtain Cinematograph License you first need to obtain a Provisional Certificate from the licensing Unit ?

    Provisional Certificate:-

  1. Documents required for obtaining Provisional Certificate:-
    • Application Form-X Click to Download
    • Ownership documents/title of land.
    • Five sets of site plan and building plans indicating the details of the structure, lcinema.aspxocation of exits, gangways, toilets, foyers, booking windows, staircase, lift, projector, film rewinding and switch rooms, parking arrangements etc. and showing surrounding roads and buildings in the site plan. These sites plans are sent to the land owing agency who scrutinize it according to the Building Bylaws, Master Plan and Delhi Cinematograph Rules-2008. After receiving these sanctioned site plans from the Land Owing Agency Provisional Certificate is issued to the applicant from the Licensing Unit. This Provisional Certificate authorizes the applicant to start construction at the site.
  2. Permanent License
    • After completion of Cinema/Multiplex and  for grant of cinematograph license documents required are:-
      1. Form-A Click to Download
  3. Documents required with Form-A are:-
    • 3.1 Site Plan.
    • 3.2 Two copies of Sanctioned Building plans.
    • A copy of Occupancy/Completion certificate.
    • 3.4 Ownership title.
    • 3.5 Court Fee Rs.5.
    • 3.6 Attested copy of receipt for payment of fee.

    The Cinematograph License is granted for a period of 10 years and the same would be renewed after 10 years.  The following documents are required:-

    1. Application on From-A Click to Download (at least six months prior to the date of expiry)
    2. An affidavit Click to Download to the effect that no alterations have been made to the sanctioned building plans of the licensed place and that all the fire safety measures are in good working condition.
    3. Prescribed fee (mentioned in Fee Schedule) Click to Download
    4. Inspection fee (mentioned in Fee Schedule) Click to Download

    Following documents are required with Form-A

    1. Site Plan.
    2. 2Two copies of Sanctioned Building plans.
    3. A copy of Occupancy/Completion certificate.
    4. Ownership title.
    5. Court Fee Rs.5.
    6. Attested copy of receipt for payment of fee.
    7. ETO Clearance.

Casual License

A casual licence for a period not exceeding seven days is granted in respect of any place for exhibition of films.

Documents required:-

  1. An Affidavit worth Rs.100/- duly attested by Notary Click to Download
  2. Booking letter /slip of the premises.
  3. Schedule and name of films to be shown.
  4. Application for the grant of Casual license Click to Download
  5. Censorship certificates/Exemption Certificates issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India.
  6. Projector fitness certificate.
  7. NOC from Fire Deptt.{In case of the unlicensed premises.}
  8. NOC from Electric Deptt.{In case of the unlicensed premises.}

Cinema Team

Pradeep Kumar (Inspr)