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We at licensing unit believe in working as a team. Each person in the team is important and is valued both as an individual human being and as a professional. The team licensing has regular monthly meetings across all levels where visions are shared and goals set for improving systems and making them more accessible and customer friendly. The internal processes have been democratised and powers decentralised to make it a truly shared responsibility where every input counts. The work ethic is a true representation of the adage “Team work is more of we and less of me"

The unit is headed by the Joint C.P (Licensing) who as per the order issued by the Commissioner of Police, has been given the power to grant/issue licenses on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, Delhi.

While the D.C.P Licensing is the Public Information Officer, the A.C.P function as the Assisstant Public Information Officers for their respective sections.

Work Culture:
The work culture revolves around public feedback. The endeavour has been to create a cohesive team consisting of competent, courteous, technology friendly officers who are responsive to the needs of the public. Infact, for the first time a comprehensive Personality development course is being organised for the officials of the Licensing Unit to hone up their communication skills. Moreover, based on the objective standard of the feedbacks received from the public the officials who have won the confidence of the public are given departmental recognition and motivated for better performance. Such officials then become the “aspiration set” of the whole organisation and the ethos revolves around continuous self improvement.

Public Dealing

In order to facilitate the public an enquiry counter has been created at the reception. At the reception counter officials from all the various sections are available between 9.30 to 12.30 to facilitate the public. All the application forms along with the checklist of necessary documents is available at the reception counter.

Our public dealing hours are strictly between 9.30 -12.30. The entry to the visitors is allowed only during public dealing hours after visitors pass is obtained from the reception counter. The public dealing relating to the arms section takes place at the Public Lounge I and the public dealing relating to the all the other sections viz Cinema , Press , Hotel , Eating House, Performance License etc takes place at the Public Lounge II. The public are encouraged to give us their feedback on our services by filling the Feedback forms available at the counters.